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What Personal Data Do We Collect And Why Do We Collect it?

At real fast documents, our major activity is to produce and supply personal documents for people in Europe, parts of Asia, USA, Canada and parts of South America. The services we offer include: “buy registered driver’s license, buy real passports, buy residence permits, buy fake id cards, buy IELTS cerificates, buy NCLEX certificates and a few other accademic and Social certificates. These may equally include college transcripts. 

All the documents mentioned above are personal documents and therefore, it will only be normal for us to collect some personal information from our clients as part of the procedure to produce their personal documents. However, this also makes you to understand the kind of information you can expect us to ask of you. It should be basic information such as your names, your date of birth, your place of birth, your nationality, specifications of the document your want to buy (such as category of driver’s license your want to buy, or band score of IELTS certificate you want to buy, and so on). 

On the other hand, we are a large organisation and we need to maintain our intergrity. First of all, you can be sure that the information we get from you to produce your driving license stays private. it goes same for all other documents. Secondly, you should bring to our attention if anyone from our service is asking for sensitive security information from you such as your credit card details. It is clear that such information such as your credit card details will not be helpful in the production of your desired document.

How long we keep your personal data when you buy a driving license, buy an IELTS certificate or buy a passport from us:

We at our level do keep your information on our private servers. For example, if your order a driving license form us, you will have to provide us with some of your personal information such as your names, date of birth….. and others. However, to be sure the data was sent over a secure means, make sure you use only the contact measures provided by this website. These include: Our whatsapp link, our contact forms and our chat app. these are secure means to send documents to us. Also, We do not keep your information on our private servers for more than a month. Note that for registered documents, you information is finally retained in the national database like that of every other citizen. Therefore, you can always trust us with your information.

Contact forms and cookies on our website when you buy driver's license, buy passports, buy id cards, buy ielts certificates, etc.

When you apply for a driver license on our website, it is necessary to specify exactly the quality of driver license that you need. Around the world, depending on which country you are, there is a big difference between a “buy a genuine driver license” and “buy a fake driver license that work”. When you buy a genuine driver license, you get a registered drivers license with all security features. Also, with the genuine driver license, you do not have any fear of police verification because they are made legal through the registration process. On the other hand, for a fake driving license that work, the fake driving license that work is physically good and can be used widely with the exception of digital scans. In addition to this, since the fake driving license that work is not registered, you will not expect it to be used when there is database verification involved. However, the fake driving license that work can be used for online purposes and for job applications as well.

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