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No government agency will ever give the green light to issue your ID card if you don’t have a birth certificate, SSN, and other documents proving your identity. You will also be turned away if you can’t pay issuance fees or are reluctant to have your thumbprint taken. That’s when you will be on cloud nine to find out Real Document Providers is not a government agency. We operate behind the scenes to facilitate and authorize every individual out there to buy identity cards.

There’s no need to meet commonly accepted state requirements for new document issuance. There’s no need to submit the information you prefer to leave in disguise. There’s no need to have your fingerprints scanned to disclose your real identity or fake your birth certificate to acquire an identity in the legislation of your choice.


All you need to do is express your interest in an ID card for sale and follow several steps to have it created. They are as easy as submitting a brief form with the name, age, and nationality for the ID to be made and registered with your input. Some other details may also be necessary, depending on the ID type. But they can be exchanged with Real Document Providers without the risk of leaking your identity-related data.

Buy original identity cards for identity and age verification

Our ID cards are made for the same uses as those originally issued by government agencies. They do NOT authorize you to operate a vehicle but are enough to prove:

Whether you are old enough to enter age-restricted places, gain social security benefits, or be allowed in the courthouse.
Who you are to match the name on a particular list, board a plane, or take the heat out of encounters with law enforcement agents.
Because they are real ID cards, our IDs are created with intelligently sourced plastic materials and printing techniques that match those used in the country. We can make them for EU locations and the USA.

Safe interaction via WhatsApp

At Real Document Providers, we admire and implement security in all processes needed to buy identity cards. These involve your first visit to our website and connection with us for further actions. Hopping from one page to another is safe because our website is augmented with never-failing data privacy and hacking resistance technology. However, you can’t order identity cards online. To do that, we will proceed in WhatsApp to make the most of the app’s comprehensive encryption for the message exchange and saving processes.

Want to move ahead to get an ID card for sale? Leave your WhatsApp number so that we can ping you.

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