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Have you been unfortunate enough in a situation leading to the driver’s licensing authority to question your ability to drive a car? Are you bound to take the MPU test over and over again? Have your driving license been suspended? Many people get caught up in this trap especially in Germany. We have had clients with suspended driver’s license who keep taking the MPU test over and over. It is very easy to be a victim.

Many of these issues are caused by drunk driving, drugs, and psychologically strange behavior. A medical-psychological assessment (short MPU) can be ordered to every person living in Germany. Even foreign people who just life in Germany for a short while (for example during their studies) need to follow this adjustment.

Buy German Driving License With MPU Validation.

MPU validation becomes a big problem when your driving license is suspended in Germany. The MPU is ordered because of many different reasons, based on a problem occurred during the drive. For example one can get an order for a MPU because failing in driving lessons too often. Those who bring their driving license from their home country can lose it because of alcohol misuse while driving in Germany careless driving or other contravention in highway traffic. In any case, instead of wasting your money going over and over for urine tests and psychological tests, we can take away your MPU problems in just three days. You buy an MPU validation from us and we will issue a new driving license to you.

Bypass MPU Test

Legally it is possible to bypass the MPU test. However, we do not need these legal bases to get your driving license back. We use our connections to do our job. In 2004, the ruling of the ECJ in the Klapper case caused a sensation. For the first time, it was clearly stated that the recognition of a driving license from another EU country had to be obeyed in every case based on the directive. Conversely, a driver with a valid driving license cannot be punished for driving without a driver’s license. This also applies if an MPU is pending against the driver in Germany. This was the final legal basis for those who wanted to avoid an MPU.

Anyone who has since been deprived of his driver’s license due to drug and alcohol abuse will be given a second chance at the car tax in the EU and Germany. We support you every step of the way, take the visits to each authority and take care of the entire administration. With us you can bypass the MPU and do not have to be annoyed by a negative opinion. Take your chance: When we apply for a driver’s license and you finally hold it back in your hands, drive responsibly and limit the consumption of alcohol. Only without alcohol and drugs you drive well!

Buy Your MPU Test

You do not need to worry much about your MPU test. That is why our service exists. We are here to help you get through your MPU test. You do not have to take the MPU test again. To get back your German driving license, you just need to pay us to take care of things for you. Regularly we help at least 40 clients every month in Germany to get back their driving license. Also, half of these clients have MPU issues which we always solve for them and give get their driving license back. We are always available, so do not let the MPU test to come between you and your German driving license.

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