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Purchase registered Germany passports without running around with authorities

Germany is one of the most desired destinations for living, and here’s why. Being a resident there allows you to live and work in the EU and travel visa-free to 191 countries. Unlike other EU jurisdictions, Germany doesn’t issue permanent residence permits for investment. But you can still become a legal German resident by getting married to a local, by naturalization, or by not leaving the country for eight years. Or, you can buy a real German passport.

We are adept at creating all kinds of German passports, including diplomatic ones, with an eye for detail. Due to database registration, our docs survive any testing and create a robust demand for our German passports online. Whether you need the renewal or from-scratch production service, Real Document Providers can do it.

Cheap German passport registration and renewal

Mindful of the complex and long process of obtaining permanent residence in Germany, many expats-to-be choose to buy documents online. Currently, the web is bursting with ads for German passports for sale at a click. Needless to say that most of them are a scam.

To assure you that we are not a scam, we have earned credit from thousands of happy migrants. We feel for your worries and guide you through the whole process, from applying for a document online to delivery. Go to our Testimonials section to read the comments of gratitude we’ve accumulated from those who have already entrusted us with their registered, cheap German passports.

Here’s what distinguishes Real Document Providers from scammy providers:

Authorized equipment
Compliance with the latest German passport design updates
Registration service
Reduced cost of renewal
Quick processing
All you need to enjoy the benefits of local life in Germany is to keep us informed of some inputs. German ID cards contain the holder’s fingerprints, so you will need to drop a high-res picture of yours as well. Further, our specialists will guide you through the payment procedure with adherence to the latest security protocols.

The cost of German passports and other documents is determined by a slew of factors. Just contact us to get updated on the current price.

Buy real German passports with a focus on safety

We have been in business since 2009 and never stop evolving. Our loyal partners from German legislative agencies keep a watchful eye so that your passport undergoes the registration process seamlessly. 

Before your German passport for sale sets off to the given address, we conduct a series of checks to guarantee it passes them all. No bank worker or police officer will ever recognize a knockoff.

We will help you move to Germany without extra paperwork, costs, and effort!

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  1. Bradley says:

    i am so happy now after doing all i can to get a German passport , i finally contacted real document providers and they made one for me within a week , its was scary in the beginning but i took my chances and to be hold i am the happies person ever

  2. mathew Aurora says:

    All thanks to the entire Real document providers grew for making it easy for me and my family to be able to travel in and out of Germany. you kept to your word even when i was running out of the time given to me by the embassy. When i paid for the passports, i had an unrestful mind, being scared i was about to be scam.
    Thanks once again for making your clients a top priority.

  3. David Zimmermann says:

    Ich habe eure Website unter großem Druck kontaktiert, Leute, und war mir nicht einmal sicher, ob ihr meinen deutschen Pass wie versprochen ausliefern werdet. Aus dem gleichen Grund wurde ich unzählige Male angerufen, und als ich gestern einen Anruf erhielt, um meine Adresse zu senden Für die Lieferung war ich wirklich zufrieden. Vielen Dank

  4. levi kintey says:

    Wow, i loved the quality of the passport i received from you guys. grate job you guys doing. i will obviously referred a few friends to you. thank you.

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