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Buy a German residence permit from us if you intend to stay in Germany for more than 3 months. We have been consistent and outstanding in providing German residence permits to clients all across the EU. Also, we are the fasted online service where you can directly buy a German residence permit. Additionally, the German residence permit you buy from us is original. Therefore, you will have no problem when you buy the residence permit and submit for work or to any German. Equally, our experience in providing real residence permits in Germany to our clients across Europe has been for over 8 years. We have had so many clients who buy German residence permit from Frankfurt, So many clients who buy German residence permit from Berlin and clients Buying German residence permit from all over the EU.

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It has never been easier to buy a real German residence permit online. You just need to contact us with the necessary requirements and have your German residence permit in a weeks time. It usually takes time when you follow the conventional way of getting a German residence permit. On the other hand, it takes just a week to buy a German residence permit from us.

Also, when you buy a German residence permit from us, we can always extend your residence permit when it has expired. We can equally extend your real residence permit when it is expired even in case you did not buy it initially from us. The German resident permit we give you is 100% safe to use. Therefore when you buy a German residence permit from us, you can freely use it for work, business, school and travel freely around the EU.

Buy German Residence Permit

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We are always available for you to buy a German residence permit from us. when you buy a German residence permit from us, you get in in just a week. It usually takes weeks for your application for a German residence permit to be considered. Also, it is equally important to note that your German residence permit expires after five years. For any person in the EU who needs a German residence permit, all you have to do is to place your order through this website. As you buy a German residence permit on this website, it takes a maximum of 7 days for you to have a real German residence permit. The process has worked efficiently over the past 8 years. Finally, we have over 347 clients who have successfully bought a German residence permit from us and the number keeps growing. Please do not delay, join the rest and live happily in Gemany.

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  1. rudigar kaufman says:

    Thank you for your genuine services, i expected a higher price than what i was charged for a residence permit. your documents are quite affordable and fast to reach. thank you

  2. Grayson Harper says:

    Simple, easy and effective. Will be contacting again for my wifes permit

  3. Olivia Martin says:

    7 Tage waren 7 Tage, wie sie mir sagten, und am 8. Tag bekam ich eine Lieferung und es war meine deutsche Aufenthaltserlaubnis, jetzt kann ich dank Ihnen hier arbeiten und alles tun, meine Familie kommt auch für sich, vielen Dank noch einmal 🙏🙏

  4. Nico Reinhardt says:

    Hey, ich möchte nur meine Dankbarkeit zum Ausdruck bringen, ich habe gestern meine Aufenthaltserlaubnis bekommen, obwohl es bei euch länger gedauert hat, als ihr mir gegeben habt, also hatte ich schon ein bisschen Angst. Doch schließlich erhielt ich einen Anruf von der Zustellagentur, in der ich nach meiner Adresse gefragt wurde. Danke Jungs

  5. Geremy loops says:

    You guys work amazingly. when i paid for my drivers license, i thought it might just end up to be another scam, I i had to avoid paying stuff online because it never ends well, but was referred to this site, and in just a week i have gotten my document already. I really do appreciate’

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