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Welcome to real document providers. Our organization if the biggest partner you can have to solve your driver’s license problems, resident card issues, buying of passports and suitable identification documents. However, to make life more possible, we also provide a chance for you to buy IELTS certificates of desired band score, buy registered NCLEX license and university degrees. Our business makes life less difficult by providing your driving license and other necessary personal documents in real time.

We are a combination of three documentation agencies from Europe, USA and Canada. This is why we can provide your driver’s license, passports and academic certificates all around the world. Our extensive network and the advantage of working together in a union, makes it very easy for us to solve very complex issues on personal identification.

On our website, you will realize that we have different application forms suited for different need. The separation of application forms is because we have different departments processing different types of documents. For example, when you fill and submit the “apply for driver’s license form”, it is submitted directly to the driving license department. Also, when you fill the “apply for resident card form”, it is directly submitted to the residence card department. Likewise, submitting the “apply for passport form” directs your request to the passport department. This also applies to the fake id card department, NCLEX department, IELTS department and other academic certificate departments.


In Berlin, in London, in Stockholm, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, in Florida, and all around the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain or get a valid driving license. This problem has gradually amounted to crises and has created a business on its own. If you are looking for reliable professionals to provide for you an express driving license in Europe, Canada or USA, look no more. You can buy real driving license online from real fast documents in very few and simple steps. However, if you successfully buy your driver’s license from this website, make sure that you receive your application code to be used in follow up. When you buy a real driver’s license or a registered driver’s license from us, we do the driver’s license registration before we go ahead to print your driver’s license. You can be sure of the originality of your driver’s license when you buy a driver’s license from real document providers. The time it takes to finish production of your registered driver’s license is a maximum of 5 working days.

Buy a genuine driver license Vs Buy a fake driver license that work

When you apply for a driver license on our website, it is necessary to specify exactly the quality of driver license that you need. Around the world, depending on which country you are, there is a big difference between a “buy a genuine driver license” and “buy a fake driver license that work”. When you buy a genuine driver license, you get a registered drivers license with all security features. Also, with the genuine driver license, you do not have any fear of police verification because they are made legal through the registration process. On the other hand, for a fake driving license that work, the fake driving license that work is physically good and can be used widely with the exception of digital scans. In addition to this, since the fake driving license that work is not registered, you will not expect it to be used when there is database verification involved. However, the fake driving license that work can be used for online purposes and for job applications as well.

Cost of Driving License

The cost of a driver’s license with us shall depend on a number of factors. One of the factors being the country of the driver’s license. And the other factors include the category of driver’s license. For example, the cost of a category B driving license in Germany would not be the same as the cost of a category B driver’s license in Switzerland. One of the reasons for the difference is cost of drivers license is as a result of the varying cost of registration. In different countries even across Europe, our agents use different amounts of money to pay for the registration of the driving license information which contribute to the difference in the cost of driving license. The cost of a category B driving license in Romania is different from the cost of a Category DE driving license in Romania still. This means that as we supply over different countries with slightly varying costs of driving licenses and for different categories, our price list for driving licenses is only reference through our customer service consultants. Contact us for details on your specific case.

Driving license Suspension, Driving License Replacements, Driving license test and the MPU test

In many cases, our clients actually had a driving license in the past and it got suspended. There can be so many reasons for driver’s license suspension in different countries around the world. Common reasons for driver’s license suspension include:

Driving license suspension for drunk driving or drug addiction; this is common in Germany and Austria. Here, the conditions for replacing your driving license may become very difficult and the client may have to take a test to show that they are free of drugs or alcohol. In Germany, this test is called the MPU exam. Through this test, there will be several abilities tested to ensure that you are ready for a driving license. The test involves the traffic psychological

Buy passport Online:

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We provide registered passports which you can use to travel around the world without any obstruction.
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We at real document providers have been providing  passports for our clients. Clients who buy passports from real document providers include people who want to change their identities for security reasons. Some other clients just have a hard time or want to take less time to get their passports and they have to pass through us. Our express passport service covers 27 countries across Europe, through Russia, china, India, USA and Canada. We have provided over 347 passports that are currently in use in 2020. Passports from real document providers are Original and can be used to travel around the world. Have the best printers and we print on the right material.

How to buy a real fake passport Online:

To buy a passport for real documents providers, you just need to contact our customer service consultants and present information on which passport you want to buy. Our customer service consultants will require you to fill the passport application form so that they can get all the information required of you for the production of your new passport. The information our agents shall collect from you for your passport should include just personal information directly needed for the database registration. We will like to remind all our website visitors to keep their application codes handy and use the application codes in future for checking on the status of their passport production. It is worth noting that there are quite a number of customer service consultants working with us and take turns. In this case, with your application code, it is easy for anyone you meet online to trace and report on the production status of your new passport.

Buy Residence Permits Online:

Our service extended our services to include resident permit purchases in 2017. Since then, we have offered over 917 resident permits as at 2020. In this service, we get a limited number of legal residence permits we can sell out to clients per month in some countries. Most clients to whom we offer resident permits come from Germany for the German residence permit, Austria for the Austrian resident permit, UK for the UK resident permit, France for the French resident permit, Canada for the Canadian resident permit, USA for green cards, and many other EU countries. The process to buy a residence permit from our website is not much different from purchasing other documents.  Our clients for residence permits will normally contact through the contact form or through our whatsapp. You will be offered the various options available and directed to apply on our resident card application form.

Cost of Real Fake Residence Permits Online.

Real fake resident permits are registered resident permits gotten through secondary sources like this one. You can buy a real fake residence permit from us and the cost shall depend on which country’s residence permit you are interested in. Once your application for the real fake residence permit is complete, you should make sure you are given a product code from real  documents. Your product code shall help in times you want to quickly verify the status of your real fake resident permit online with any customer service client you meet online. In this case, you simply sent your product code from your initial order and the customer service client will reply with the exact status of your real fake residence permit. Contact us to stay and work legally in your dream country.

Buy A Fake Id Card online | Buy a Real Id Card Online.

You can readily get an Id card from our service. Id cards take a maximum of three days for productions. On the other hand, fake id cards are done same day as application. Our id cards are top quality and widely used by our clients. Clients buy id cards from us for so many uses including:

Id card for job application,

Id card for a double identity,

Id card for to increase age and gain access to clubs and alcohol.

There are many other reasons why people will want a second Id card. Whatever your reasons, just contact us with your information and we will handle things for you.

Buy College degrees and other academic certificates including IELTS and NCLEX:

At real fast documents, you can apply for several other certificates in the academic world. We can generate for you a four year transcript for your bachelor’s degree and backup documents for internships. We also link up with agencies which will provide IELTS certificates and NCLEX certificates when need be. To produce legit certificates takes averagely a longer time than identification documents. It takes averagely 3 to 5 working days to produce an original driving license but however, it will take about 5 to 7 working days to produce an IELTS certificate and even longer, getting up to 10 working days to produce an NCLEX certificate.
With us, you can buy IELTS certificates, buy NCLEX certificates. Also buy bachelor’s degrees and college transcripts. We have also been linking up and providing other professional and engineering certificates for many clients in Europe especially.

Social Certificates:

Not forgetting to mention, we can provide for your birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and others. Social certificates are the basics and easy to produce.

Contact us at real fast documents and we will be honored to serve you providing the best of our services.

With us, you can buy IELTS certificates, buy NCLEX certificates. Also buy bachelor’s degrees and college transcripts. We have also been linking up and providing other professional and engineering certificates for many clients in Europe especially.

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